About Us

Our Approach

One thing has become clear this last election and that is that the mainstream media cannot be trusted. This has lead to a rising of popularity in alternative media. We count ourselves among these lucky pioneers. Expect the truth here where it cannot be found elsewhere. Find honest unpolished opinion with no filter. We will give #NoFilter a whole new meaning. Most of all at the end of the day we accept that Journalists are human–well some are–and we make mistakes. Which is why you will never see our comments moderated or closed. We hope you join us on our journey into the future with President Trump and much more to come this is going to be a very bright future.

Our Story

We started our story originally as The Cult of Kek on Facebook. We are proud of our roots. However, you might think that when starting a news website one may seek to hide an Alt-Right shitposting weeaboo page from our history. No. We take great pride in our humble beginnings. At its peak TCOK on Facebook had over 19 thousand likes before it was Zucced (unpublished by Facebook). We had a thriving community and it still sticks out in our minds as our favorite memories of the election and post election. We made a lot of friends and had a lot of laughs. But after it was taken down we were discouraged. Our back up page has survived thus far…and to this date it became clear that we needed to create something to counteract the cancer of mainstream media. That we needed something for US. Something honest. Something pure. Something with no filter…like Donald J Trump. So we set about it in late October this year and we created “The Alt-Kek”.

Merry Christmas or Kekmas my friends. Kek be praised for Christmas has come early!


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